Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Dr. Glen Davies at Medicare for Autism Now! Rally June 27 2015

 Dr. Glenn Davies at the Medicare for Autism Now! rally June 27 2015 discusses evidence in support of behavioural intervention in treating autism, the lack of autism coverage under Canadian Medicare compared to the US Medicaid state to state mandate and the example of Wisconsin which is far ahead of all Canadian jurisdictions in providing treatment for autism.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Conor After Another Seizure

Conor has been on  a good run for the previous 7-10 days and today was pretty much the same until 6:15 this evening when we heard a loud thump uupstairs.  His mom ran upstairs and screamed for help when she saw him convulsing on the floor with thick fluids oozing out of his mouth.  We had to keep him on his side with his head away from any corners or hard objects.   This was Conor's 4th grand mal seizure since Christmas. Conor's convulsions did not appear to last too long compared to some previous seizures ..  approximately 2 minutes.  Stilll 2 minutes of your son in convulsions is enough to scare you all over again. Conor also recovered quite well. The picture above was taken 45 minutes after the seizure and while he was still a bit groggy he was regaining alertness, speech and walking ability.  He is now sleeping soundly exhausted from another seizure.  I just checked and his head was on the side on his pillow  and he was breathing loudly but clearly.  Dad is starting to relax ... a little bit.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Medicare for Autism NOW! Campaign Kick Off Today!

Vancouver, BC – Today, the Medicare for autism Now! Society (“MFAN”), a non-partisan, not-for-profit, all volunteer organization, announced the launch of its nation-wide One in 68 campaign. “We will be holding a Campaign Kick-off this Saturday, June 27th, at Douglas College, New Westminster, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm,” said MFAN director and campaign manager, Dr. Sherri Brown, “It will outline the rationale for our initiative and lay-out our action and advocacy agenda leading to the federal election on October 19th, less than four months away.”

The MFAN campaign takes its name from the fact that, currently in North America, one in 68 children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). “There is a national epidemic of staggering proportion happening in Canada,” said MFAN director, Jean Lewis, “And, unlike the situation in the United States, our federal government has to date failed miserably to demonstrate long overdue leadership in addressing this major and growing national health care challenge.”

The One in 68 campaign will seek firm commitments from those who wish to hold elected office in Ottawa to vote in favour of necessary changes to the Canada Health Act so that persons living with ASD across our country will have science-based treatment for their core health need covered by Medicare. MFAN intends to focus its efforts on  a limited number of highly competitive electoral districts in various parts of Canada. In Metro Vancouver, these include: Burnaby North-Seymour, Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam, Delta, Surrey Centre, Surrey-Newton, Vancouver Centre and Vancouver Quadra.
For further information, contact Jean Lewis at 604-290-5737 or at

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Canada Needs A REAL National Autism Strategy: Medicare for Autism NOW!

A Medicare for Autism Now! Rally was organized by FEAT-BC 
and held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 26, 2007.

Shawn Murphy,  Jim Munson,  Andy Scott

Former PEI MP Shawn Murhpy, New Brunswick Senator Jim Munson and the late Andy Scott a former Fredericton NB MP all advocated actively for a REAL National Autism Strategy with Shawn Murphy presenting an unsuccessful provvate member's Bill C-304,  to include autism treatment in medicare coverage and then Fredericton MP Andy Scott working with Nova Scotia MP Peter Stoffer to intoduce a National Autism Strategy bill which was passed and put the issue on the national agenda although no serious efforts have been made since then. Senator Munson chaired the Senate review of autism services in Canada and issued the Pay Now or Pay Later Report.

Nova Scotia MP Peter Stoffer co-sponsored a national autism bill with  NB MP Andy Scott.

Fredericton MP Andy Scott with Jean Lewis of FEAT-BC and Medicare for Autism NOW!.
 Jean was and IS a determined advocate for Medicare coverage of Autism treatment.

The photos above were all taken at the Medicare for Autism Now! rally at Halifax, May 26, 2007 organized by Jean Lewis and her fellow advocates from British Columbia.  Medicare for Autism Now! has remained active since then and remains one of the few legitimate national autism organizations in Canada.  Under the current government charities seeking to maintain their charitable status dare not address the need for a real National Autism Strategy for fear of losing their charity status. 

The fact is that the current government has accomplished nothing of substance in addressing national autism issues. In 2015 Canadians must still rely for information about the prevalence of autism disorders  on US figures.  There is no discussion of taking steps to ensure that children in each Canadian province.  There is very little discussion of media reports of families moving across Canada and to the US seeking autism treatment for their autistic children.

Autism Canada, the newly formed entity rising from the merger of the Autism Canada Foundation and Autism Society Canada, and Autism Speaks will not advocate for Medicare coverage of autism disorders.  They will not risk their charitable status and funding for their organizations. With a federal election looming it is time for serious national autism advocates to speak up and advocate for autism treatment coverage under Medicare. 

Stephen Harper and Mike Lake, a well known Conservative MP who appears to be a good guy and a great father of an autistic son have done nothing to help autistic children across Canada not one damn thing.  They both say, correctly, that health care is within provincial constitutional jurisdiction and they are right.  What they both ignore is the concept of co-operative federalism a concept which once existed in Canada and can be restored with a new government in place.

Medicare itself came into existence in this country via federal provincial cooperation and it can be amended to include autism treatment coverage by the same mode.  We need medicare for autism and we need it NOW!.